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Katcoot Abjadiya Box


Arabic learning like you've never seen before!

Modern, colorful, fresh, portable, and compliant with the latest language teaching techniques.

This multi functional Arabic learning tool is conveniently made as a suitcase so it can go anywhere! Once opened, it can be folded to become a magnetic tablet or completely flattened to become a whiteboard.

Kids can learn to write using the included (or any other!) whiteboard marker, or use it to have fun with the letter magnets writing words and sentences. It also includes a set of Abjadiya flash cards (letter / drawing / word) to make the process even more fun!

Ergonomic and colorful, you and your kid will absolutely love this box. We know we do :)

Product details:

*Box size: 20x27x5cm

*Comes in an easy-to-open box that turns into a magnetic tablet with a rope handle

*A set of 146 magnetic letters with many units of all the possible variation for each letter

*29 flash cards (nicely printed recto verso, letter/drawing/word)

*Whiteboard marker and eraser


*Perfect for ages 5 and up

*Contains small pieces - Not suitable for babies and toddlers

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