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House of Zejd Premium Pack

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A beautiful and healthy assortment of Pomegranate Molasses, Wild Oregano (Zaatar) and EVOO with edible gold petals. 

Pomegranate Molasses

The juice of fine pomegranates is cooked until the fruitiest molasses are obtained. Prepared according to Lebanese tradition, these molasses, rich in antioxidants, impart a very unique lemony flavor to your dishes.


Zaatar or wild oregano is dried, grinded, and blended with roasted sesame seeds and sumac to create a sumptuous treat – a perfect match to Zejd extra virgin olive oil.

EVOO with edible gold petals

All the punch and flavor of Zejd’s coveted extra-virgin olive oil taken up a notch of culinary refinement with the infusion of exquisitely decorative, pure 24 karat gold leaves. A stand-alone gem on your dining table, it also serves as a spectacular side to cheese and bread platters, and a unique pop-out staple when prepping risottos, meat or seafood dishes, salad dressings, creamy soups, and chocolatey cakes and desserts.

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