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The land of modern-day Lebanon was the home of the peaceful and life loving Phoenician civilization, whose cultural impact spread across the Mediterranean as early as 1050 B.C.

Known as the alphabet creators, elite traders, and fearless sailors, the Phoenicians interacted with various cultures, bringing a message of peace, and leaving a legacy of heritage and tradition that generations proudly grew up with and that still live on today.

OURSHERITAGE features artisans and creators from Lebanon whose products speak tradition with modernity, and whose stories connect a glorious past with an invigorating present.

Today’s civilized, fast paced world is so connected and it all started with the Phoenicians introducing the alphabetic script to the world. OURSHERITAGE takes you into a wonderful journey of our rich ancestry and shares the influence of a rich civilization that transcended through the years.

We take great pride in all the stories shared to keep this unique heritage and traditions alive through the ages of time.