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The Good Thyme (Auto)

The Good Thymes is a Lebanese agricultural startup that brings a fresh breath to traditional Lebanese savors through modern and inspired culinary creations, all based around the unequaled wild Lebanese thyme. It started with a passion for Zaatar and the desire to produce high-quality dried thyme. TGT embarked on an expedition with the best chefs and specialists in Beirut, to create the finest dried herbs mixes, seasoning spices and other Zaatar-based products. In order to guarantee a grade “A” product, we naturally grow our own Zaatar, then sort, clean and dry the harvest by hand, in our atelier, where at a later stage we blend it with other endemic wild herbs of the Lebanese countryside. By developing our own atelier on the fertile and unspoiled lands of Kfar-Houné in South Lebanon, we are hoping to boost the region’s rural economy and by extension, the Lebanese agricultural sector in general. We are also confident to be making a closer connection between the Lebanese rural and urban life by bringing forth a topnotch-quality  artisanal product that is valued for it’s unique positioning strategy and the careful unindustrialized production that the Lebanese market is in dire need of. The Good Thymes has been established as a “Fair Trade” business; our ingredients are all natural, free from artificial colors or flavors. We handcraft our products without any additives or preservatives.