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Luana Turk worked in an advertising agency in Dubai for a while. She got bored in long, never-ending meetings and so she scribbled and scribbled and then scribbled some more. She missed Lebanon and her sketches were mostly all about Beirut and the things she longed to see (and eat). And of course, they had words; funny words, Lebanese words such as Keefak enta, Zahhet, Yalla bye! Let this meeting finish, please...

Fast forward to “Back in Beirut”. She cleaned up some of her sketches and printed them on shirts and baby onesies. People loved them. And so, in 2009, Luanatic was born.  Today, Luana wants to take this “Luanatic” to a whole new level. “It’s not just about Lebanese slogans, it’s about Arabic. It can be fun and modern, too. I want people to see that.”- Luana. Luanatic plays on words in Arabic with cool illustrations. These get printed on different garments, tote bags, posters, and other home accessories that make her collection a very unique one!