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Joumana Dagher


Joumana Dagher is a brand of high fashion items based on principles of eclectic design, high-quality prints, and precise craftsmanship. After years of graphic design and advertising, Lebanese designer Joumana Dagher took her passion for print and turned her artistic expression to the fashion industry

 Her brand story started in 2013. She is not tied to a particular school when it comes to artistic creation. She has always loved vintage even though she is increasingly drawn toward typography and minimalism. Her work is bold and colorful, with a strong statement. Her lines are geometric and linear, just like music is structured. With a focus on precise craftsmanship, durable materials sourced from leather leftovers, and uncompromising quality, Joumana Dagher ensures an impeccable process at all levels, from conception all the way to production.

 From vintage prints to minimalist typography, Joumana Dagher’s creations weave threads, fabrics, and colors together to reflect a bold character that caters to the modern and confident woman.