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Images d'orient

It must have all begun without my knowledge when I was a child!

I still remember the feeling of despair at the sight of an ancient house being destroyed, a deep-rooted site being modernized, an old precious fabric being replaced! I finished my Advertising degreeand traveled from Lebanon to United States where I took my Master degree in Fine Arts, I knew that I had to do things that will create beauty, inner peace or simply give a message. Once back to our home country, my brother Charbel Raphael and I came to realize that designing items that will promote the richness of our Mediterranean heritage was a dream we had to achieve. In 2000 Eusamex was founded and “Images d’Orient” was born, along with many other products. We created a line of day to day objects that combined the charm of a Mediterranean heritage with the contemporary look: coasters, placemats, trivets…Sixteen years later, Images d’Orient travels around the world in more than 50 countries establishing a new trend in the design world, and every new collection brings its newcomers: bath line, travel line, accessories…Peggy Raphael Dabbar