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House of Zejd


Early nineteenth century Beino, a small Lebanese northern village, started a Fares family tradition, pressing olives gathered from own and nearby orchards. The ancient mill still proudly bears testament to this day. Fast forward to 2004, a modern emphasis was coupled with that tradition, giving rise to Olive Trade and its coveted Zejd brand, and inviting science to take hold of meticulous cultural practices, harvesting techniques, production, and storage, as a safeguard to end-product exceptional quality.

Just like our ancestors did, we proudly harvest our organic rain-fed and unbruised green and black Souri olives by hand. Transported by crates to our ISO 22000 certified processing facility, the olives are thoroughly washed, crushed, and mixed before the oil is cold-extracted solely by mechanical means – never using any high-heat or solvents. We use a light filtration system and environmental friendly packaging, proudly bearing the Zejd name. Bi-products from the process are then valorized in our ecological - zero waste production facility, to be used either for irrigation or heating.

The entire process engages local farmers and producers in the olive oil production, in addition to creating vocational training projects for the women’s cooperative, reflecting our socially-responsible vocation.