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It's Harvest Time w/ House of Zejd

What Goes into the Making of Our Favorite Olive Products?

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House of Zejd olives are handpicked to ensure that only perfectly healthy olives of optimal ripeness are selected. Immediately after the olives are harvested, they are transported by crates to the mill to undergo the extraction process.

Did you Know...

The Mediterranean coasts of Syria, Mount Lebanon and Palestine appear to be the original home of the wild olive tree where it was extremely abundant and grew in thick forests.

Evidence of olive culture in Lebanon can be traced to 2800 B.C when the early inhabitants of Lebanon traded olive oil and wine with other neighboring civilizations.

House of Zejd's main olive variety is the Souri, a small, green, oval olive, known for producing aromatic olive oils with great character.

How is their Olive Oil Produced?

Just like their ancestors did, House of Zejd does not practice any intense cultivation system, but instead pick their organic rain-fed and un-bruised green and black Souri olives by hand.

Transported by crates to their ISO 22000 certified olive oil processing facility, the olives are thoroughly washed, crushed, and mixed before the oil is cold-extracted solely by mechanical means using a water saving, stainless steel, fully automated processing unit.

After a couple of weeks of decantation, the oil is lightly filtered and packed in environmental friendly packaging. By-products from the process are then valorized to be used either for irrigation or heating.

After learning about the process, you can image how delicious their olive oils and other olive products taste! Order your House of Zejd HERE!